Customer Relationship Management

At the heart of INFOtrac is a unique, completely flexible, and powerful Contact Manager / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. INFOtrac was designed to be "feature rich", affordable and extremely easy to use. INFOtrac is the key to prospect, customer, supplier and partner relationships which can set you apart from the competition.

INFOtrac was built on the premise that your customers, suppliers and business contacts are the most valuable assets to your business. Enterprises know that good repeat customers make great salespeople; and that investments made towards customer acquisition exceed the costs of customer retention. INFOtrac allows users to become immediately familiar with every aspect of every interaction their organization has had with someone, thereby allowing them to provide exceptional customer service. It offers small and mid-size organizations a complete system that will help manage their business relationships with all of their contacts.

INFOtrac offers a total information management solution that extends into all areas of an organization. This enterprise-wide approach can connect employees together, and enable them to provide superior support and service. INFOtrac can be fully linked to the other software applications and hardware devices in use, and it can be implemented to fit a company's unique business processes and information management needs. As such, INFOtrac can become the hub by which staff members will have access to all of the valuable tools they require, and the method by which they can access relevant information whenever they need it. INFOtrac's CRM engine however, is not limited to the centralization and control of crucial contact information, but can also extend into both a comprehensive Sales Force Automation solution, and a Business Process Automation engine, within a single application environment.


Using INFOtrac provides you with instant and easy access to information about your contacts and when you need it. Powerful, unlimited reporting and analysis of your information is available throughout the system.

AccountMate INFOtrac reporting and analysis