At AccountMate, we believe that education is the key to success. Our Education Team draws from a wide range of academic and business experiences. They are experts in their field and the application of AccountMate software, and effectively tie structured learning experiences to real world business challenges. Our goal is for you to come away from every learning experience with a basic foundation of knowledge and the enthusiasm to further develop your understanding.

Classroom Training

These training courses are conducted in a classroom setting to give you all the benefits of a live interaction with your instructor and fellow trainees. Some of the courses being offered are:

  • End User Core Product Classroom Training
  • Designed for users and prospects
  • Vertical Product Training
  • Special in-depth training from vertical partners
  • Solution Provider Modification Training
  • for registered Business Partners
  • Solution Provider Core Product Training

these are training sessions over the web. Also included are slides and videos created from past web forums. This type of training is offered as a supplement to the regular classroom training.


these are short training videos available to registered users and solution providers. Each video focuses on a basic function that is discussed in the context of how it is used in a standard business process.

Technical Documents

this is a compilation of AccountMate product and technical documents. Search through our diverse array of resources for the tools that meet your specific needs at your level of product and technical knowledge.